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Welcome to the Eemshotel!

What do you mean: the most beautiful view in the world is so far away? Just above the city of Groningen in the Netherlands is a high ‘n’ dry spot that offers a superb view. It’s a building raised high on poles offering an unbelievably great view across the Eems Dollard estuary and over the sea dykes of Germany.

Enjoy the play of ebb tide and flood.

The  Eemshotel offers you a truly excellent à la carte restaurant, a stylish and pleasant lounge and a petit restaurant for a quick meal.

The Eemshotel also has 20 well-furnished hotel rooms, 16 of which are double rooms and 4 are singe rooms, all with toilet, bath, and shower.

12 of the de 20 rooms have a sea view.

All rooms come with free wireless Internet access.

Vegetarische Restaurantweek Vrijdag 1 maart Vegetarische Restaurantweek

De Vegetarische Restaurantweek organiseert dit jaar op 11 maart een publiekscampagne om te bepalen wat het populairste vegetarische gerecht is.

Eemshotel als beste vegetarische restaurant?
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Lunch op locatie Woensdag 18 juli Lunch op locatie

Lunch op locatie? Bekijk hier de mogelijkheden.

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Impressie nieuwe entree Dinsdag 19 december Impressie nieuwe entree

Bekijk hier een impressie van de nieuwe toegang van Eemshotel.

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